'Paca Videos

Shearing is usually done by professionals who travel to different farms in the spring. It is vital for the health of alpacas not to carry all that hot fleece on their bodies during the summer. Although they are not happy about the process, they can enjoy the warm sunshine when it's all over!

Halter training is very important, because it enables safe transportation of the alpacas during emergencies and other situations. This video shows two of our weanlings (about 6 months old) being halter trained by two of our CSA members.

Birthing is a wonderful miracle to see! Usually, the alpacas do all the work themselves, and we are just on hand to assist if necessary. There are procedures that we need to do after the birth to clean up the cria, but, as you can see from this video of Tres Bon's birth (on a cold November day!), the big event usually happens quickly and easily. [Note: this video does contain actual footage of the birth.]

Sera's Introduction to the Herd - After her day of bonding alone with mom in the "maternity suite," one-day-old Miss Sera meets the other members of the herd, including Zelda and Patton, who are only about a month old at the time. You can see them first notice her, and get excited about their new playmate! Sera is wearing a yellow vet wrap bandage as a precaution to protect her umbilical area from infection.

Pronking is a kind of romping that alpacas do when they are feeling good. Crias do it a lot - often they'll run really fast, then end with a pronk, with their heads high, backs straight, and all four feet leaving the ground at the same time, sort of like a gazelle bounding along. It is really neat to see! Usually, with adults, it takes place at dusk, which is difficult to photograph, but the video below shows Leah (black) and her full-grown daughter (dark brown) running and pronking (especially Leah). This was taped right after they had been let out of the barn, where they had been weathering a bitter cold night and morning. They are SO happy to get out!

Alpaca Warning Call - It doesn't happen often, so I was lucky to capture Oliver making the warning call while I was filming these three cute baby raccoons. You can hear the call about 45 seconds into the video.

Informations sur les alpagas et notre ferme en français - Pour nos fans alpaga francophone, veuillez profiter de cette vidéo avec des informations sur les alpagas et notre ferme!