Welcome to our Farm!

Jersey Shore Alpacas is a small farm owned and operated by Jim and Tish Carpinelli, and located in Green Creek, a small town near historic Cape May, NJ.


We take pride in ensuring that our alpacas are cared for with the utmost attention to their health and happiness. Our farm focus is agritourism (farm tourism), and our alpacas are happy to oblige by enthusiastically greeting visitors!

Check out this cool video of our farm from Channel 6 Action News in Philadelphia (just after the paddleboarding segment). Note: our schedule is not correct in the video. Please see below for our hours. Enjoy this quick look at our farm!

2019 Farm Schedule


August - December

Open to the public Saturdays 10am-4pm (without  a reservation) for feeding at the fence line (we provide carrots).


We accept private appointments Mon.-Fri. only.

*Please note: we are unable to offer private tours on "open" days - we do not have enough staff or alpacas to do so.


(Note: private tours are available year-round M-F, except July, when they are offered M-W). Private tour rates are below:

  • In-Season (May-Sept.) $30 for a group of up to 4 people, and $5 per additional person
  • Off-Season (Oct. - April) $25 for a group of up to 4 people, and $5 per additional person

Please call or email us for a reservation.

Reservations must be confirmed in advance.


Please note:

we are completely booked with no availability

for the week of October 7th as well as Columbus Day, Monday, October 14th.


A bit more information . . .

The main difference between an "open to the public" visit and a private tour is that on "open" days, you can feed carrots to the 'pacas at the fence line, and there is a tour guide outside to answer questions. The private visits include actually going into the paddock with the female alpacas for feeding and mingling (sort of like "swimming with the dolphins," but without getting wet!) Also, your tour guide is for your group alone, so you can ask as many questions as you like! For more information about "open to the public" days and private tours, click the links! 

Note: Private tours are one group at a time, and not combined with any other visitors. We will not "add" anyone to a private tour.

For our French-speaking visitors, check out our informational video in French here.