Meet the Herd: the Boys . . .

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Casanova's Lightning Strike is our champion herdsire, who has sole breeding privileges among the males here at Jersey Shore Alpacas, and he knows it! Born in 2005, his lineage is 1/2 Peruvian and 1/2 Chilean. We are happy that Lightning has been passing his fleece density and color to his crias here on our farm. Good job, Lightning! Note: breeders can find more information here.

Lightning's fleece
Lightning's fleece

The boys below have been gelded (neutered), but they would make great pets, companions, and, of course, sources for fiber art and crafts!

Oliver is an alpaca with an attitude. Like his mother, Andina, he is one of the few alpacas here that will spit at a person just because he is annoyed at them (like when he's getting a shot!). But don't worry, he probably won't be upset with you when you are feeding him a carrot!

Sebastian has the perfect personality for an alpaca. He's laid-back and mellow, and most of the time, he'll even allow you a scratch or two under his chin or let you pet his neck. He actually tolerated wearing a Christmas scarf for Photoshoot day!

Marcel Marceau has extremely fine gray fleece that actually felts on his body! We can still use it for yarn, though, if we give it a very delicate washing and carding, and the result is butter-soft yarn that is a joy to feel! Marcel is a sweet boy who is very shy. One of his favorite pastimes is rolling the stems from "sticky-balls" (sweetgum tree balls) back and forth in his mouth!

General Patton, born on Memorial Day 2009, shares the dubious title of "Most Ornery" of the herd (with Oliver). Although his friendliness makes him a favorite with visitors, he can also be very stubborn and "spitty" when he's annoyed with us. He's like a child who is sweet in public, but then gives a lot of grief to his parents in private!

Blu's Tres Bon (a.k.a. "Little Panda Man") is half-brother to Allonsy. His sire is Majestic Deja Blu Obsession, who passed on his beautiful silver grey color and fleece density to Tres Bon. Born in November 2011, he's our youngest cria, and still just so cute! He always looks like he's smiling!

Allonsy, ("Let's go!" in French) used to love to get the other crias started "pronking" (galloping) around the paddocks. He also loves to climb up onto the top of the play mound and stand tall. He has thick, dense, crimpy fleece (from his sire, Majestic Deja Blu Obsession).

We remember ...

Sweet Tiger was our blind alpaca who was a farm favorite of visitors. His calm manner and enthusiasm for carrots won him many friends. We would often bring Tiger out to help people who were fearful when first meeting the herd, and he would put them at ease. Tiger loved to lay out and sun himself, even on a cloudy day. We miss his calming presence.