Craft Workshops

Come with a friend or two and learn your choice of how to knit, needle felt (a gnome), or wet felt (soap)! Easy, beginning instruction in each of these crafts will be a fun introduction to a new skill! (Ages 16+). Class size is limited to 3 people, plus 1-2 instructors, and will be held in my 12’ X 20’ “she shed.” Masks will be optional. (Note: this is not an “alpaca-focused” activity. Please see our website for feeding and mingling tours).


Knitting: all materials provided, but you might want to either bring yarn or purchase some from our shop to begin a scarf project after beginning practice. (3 hours, $30/person)


Needle Felting uses fleece and a sharp needle to create many different objects, and even paintings! Don’t worry, though, we will have finger protection for you! All materials provided. (3 hours, $30/person)


Felted Soap is involves fleece wrapped around a bar of soap (two Yardly soaps will be provided), with warm water combined with agitation, which “felts” over the soap. Felted soaps are great as a gentle exfoliant and make lovely gifts as well! All materials provided for two felted soaps, but you many bring a few soaps of your own to felt as well! (2 hours, $25/person).

Workshop Dates:

(more coming soon, or request a date - see below)


Needle Felt a Gnome

Needle Felt a Pumpkin 


Planning to visit the area in the future? You are welcome to send us an email to inquire about the possibility of a craft class for you and a friend/family member (minimum of 2 people). The best days are Mondays (afternoon/evening), Tuesdays or Wednesdays.