Fence Line Feeding Tours

Fence Line Feeding Tours are offered on Saturdays only, and by appointment (March-November).  Come meet the herd and feed them carrots (provided by us)! Each tour is your group only, with a tour guide.


Note: We are unable to offer private mingling tours on Saturdays. 


Fence Line Feeding Tours:

  • No drop-ins
  • Booking is for one group of 6 or fewer (no exceptions, please). 
  • Tours are 30 minutes with 15 minutes in the shop at the end.
  • There will be two groups on the farm at the same time, but each will have their own tour guide and are separate from one another.
  • There is no fee for Fence Line Feeding Tours, but we will have our donation box on the fence - not required, but greatly appreciated - it supports the alpacas. :)
  • Groups will be able to feed the alpacas at the fence line with carrots we provide.
  • There is an outside portable potty available.
  • The shop will be open after your tour.

To select a Saturday Fence Line Feeding Tour, enter your name, cell phone number, and group size (limit of 6, no exceptions pls). Please limit your visits to one per family/group per week. 


We allow booking for Fence Line Feeding Tours only one week in advance.


The booking calendar is activated each Saturday evening at 8PM prior to the week you wish to book. If you want the best chance to get a tour, you should set an alarm on your phone to book on that Saturday night. 


If no slots appear on the day you wish to book, it is filled. We do not run a cancellation list for Saturday Fence Line Feeding Tours, but you can keep checking back for cancellations (they do happen, often 1-2 slots later in the week).