Chilly Nights after Shearing

Michaela (bare naked after shearing!)
Michaela (bare naked after shearing!)

Shearing for us was really early this year, on April 11th. We had some warm weather just after (fortunately), but this weekend was pretty chilly (down into the low 40s), with wind and rain, too. We saw some shivering, so we tried to make the 'pacas as comfortable as possible for overnight. We put coats on those who needed them (and those who would tolerate them!), and shut them in the barn with extra straw on the ground. We also fed them some extra alfalfa, which helps to warm them up. In the morning, they seemed to be cozy, but really eager to get out! Usually, the barn doors are open all night, and they can come and go, so they get antsy when confined inside. There was lots of running around by the crias when they got out! We're hoping the weather will warm up soon!  

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    Pam Amand (Monday, 07 May 2012 20:13)

    We had the same issue and did exactly the same things :)

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    Essay Writing Help (Friday, 30 June 2017 07:04)

    Agreeable as workable for overnight. We put coat on the people who required them (and the individuals who might endure them.